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Who IS the Patient? The Interview Conversations
Posted 26 September 2013 by Anthony Wilson |

Who IS the Patient? Psychoanalysis, Ecopsychology,
and The Environmental Crisis:
Conceptual and Clinical Implications

The Interview Conversations

In July 2012 I began an interview-conversation project of one hour discussions with Psychoanalysts, Jungian analysts, and Psychotherapists at various stages of life and career.

This project is an attempt to take a small sampling, a pulse, of how or whether clinicians are thinking, and feeling, about the environmental crisis; and how, or whether, they are thinking about the implications for clinical theory and practice.

Explorations of how, or whether, the environmental crisis is appearing in the consultation room through, for example, patient narratives, dreams, dilemmas, and anxieties, was a significant area of interest, as were personal stories of clinicians’ experience in and with the more-than-human-world.

No prior interest or reflection on these issues was necessary for the interview-conversation. My hope was that the discussions would stimulate the unthought and unfelt, and arouse curiosity.

The interview-conversations were recorded and subsequently transcribed into text. This text will become a reservoir for my future writing and a forthcoming 2014 paper.


Anthony Rankin Wilson, MSW RSW
September 2013

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